Jewels designed to endure the test of time

Star Diamond’s long history has resulted in longstanding, valued relationships with the industry’s most skillful craftspeople. These artisans work for months on each specialised piece, creating jewels that allow Star Diamond’s exceptional diamonds to shine.

In many pieces, including in the vibrantly colourful Giverny bracelet made of 259 yellow, pink and green diamonds, precious metal settings are virtually invisible. Bracelets and necklaces are astonishingly fluid and flexible, making them all the more comfortable for the person wearing them.

Each part of a Star Diamond jewel is meant to be displayed. Clasps are transformed into pieces of particular beauty. In the Constellation pendant necklace, the clasp is hidden behind a pear shaped fancy yellow diamond. Like many other Star Diamond jewels, it is also versatile; the pendant can be removed, leaving the wearer with a classic diamond necklace. The Universe necklace is another such piece, designed from the outset to be worn two ways, each making its own dazzling and unique statement.

In another sign of Star Diamond’s exclusive workmanship, the underside of each ring is designed with a flat shank. This signature touch allows the ring to stand upright when placed on a table, showing off the centre stone to perfection.