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Date 01.12.14 Location Vogue France Online Type press

Admire some of the world's most expensive precious stones as Star Diamond Private Jewler open a gallery in London showcasing an array of extraordinarily colored diamonds.

Not much has changed in the 60 years since Marylin Monroe famously sang "Diamonds are girl's best friend" in 1953 and while we still dream of white diamonds, it's the even more rare and expensive colored diamonds which are currently stealing the limelight. Prices of these precious stones are soaring at auction, with the record-breaking le carat orange diamond selling for $2.4 million at Christie's Genevalast year. Adding to their exclusivity, only one in 100,000 diamonds are naturally colored, therefore just a handful of fine jewelry house's hold these ultra-rare gems.

Having recently opened a gallery in the heart of London's Mayfair, Star Diamond is a relative newcomer to this lucrative market, whose sales rarely dip below the six-figure mark. In an opulent white space, discover some of the finest diamonds in the world, as well as the extraordinary Giverny bracelet boasting 259 colored diamonds totaling 125.77 carats, the SD 20135 ring with white and green diamonds and the Essential ring, adorned with two Marquise-cut diamonds.

Star Diamond developed a game plan to present these unique treasures to the world, the family-owned house, founded in 1948 built relationships with the best suppliers and most skilled artisan cutters and setters in the industry. As a result, Star Diamond has become a force to be reckoned with in this ultra-luxe business, where the more stunning a gem, the higher its value and since 2008, the value of colored diamonds has continued to rise. That's what we call a wise investment.